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Cradlepoint solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks — including public safety networks like FirstNet ReadyTM, Verizon Frontline, and ESN — enabling public safety agencies to deliver mission-critical connectivity that keeps frontline responders safe and productive.

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Powered by Cradlepoint NetCloud™

Cradlepoint NetCloud is at the heart of everything we do — a subscription service that includes cloud-based management, enterprise-grade networking, CJIS-compliant security, and industry-leading LTE cellular technology with certified nationwide public safety network support. NetCloud also enables a seamless path to a 5G future.

Get field-tested and responder-trusted wireless network solutions for whatever you need to connect

Whatever your need is for mission-critical cellular connectivity, we have a tailored NetCloud Service plan with a wireless router or adapter that is engineered to withstand the daily rigors of first responder and Blue Light service duty, and the harsh environments of the field and frontlines.

In-Vehicle Networking

Modern public safety vehicles are workspaces on the move — filled with PCs, tablets, cameras, sensors, and other connected devices. We network it all inside and out with blazing-fast LTE, powerful Wi-Fi, and flexible Ethernet and general-purpose ports.

Fixed and Mobile Site Networking

The need for mission-critical communication spans stations, mobile command posts, training grounds, and disaster management sites. Get rapidly deployable wireless routers that have the ports and power to connect everything onsite.

Connected Cameras and Devices

From surveillance cameras to robots and drones, connected devices are playing a bigger role in public safety. To keep them all connected, all the time, we provide compact and rugged wireless routers with state-of-the-art security and centralized management.

Emergency Call Center Resiliency

E911 and other emergency call centers are the heartbeat of public safety, so there is no time for downtime. Our LTE wireless adapters provide fast and ultra-reliable cellular failover so your operators don’t skip a beat.

GPS-Enabled Applications

Public safety agencies need GPS location data to speed response and keep fleets operating smoothly. We ensure your location-based apps always know “where” with real-time precision GPS and vehicle telemetry data.

Emergency Drop Kits

You never know when and where disasters will strike, so be prepared with Cradlepoint-powered emergency drop kits that provide a rugged and portable LTE and satellite communications hub for responders on the frontlines.

Over 3,500+ public safety agencies, first responders, and Blue Light services across the world depend on Cradlepoint.

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