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Introducing New IoT Business Solution with Vodafone for Premier, Global Enterprises


Whatever industry you’re in, IoT technology has the power to transform your business. It can help collect and leverage data, streamline business operations, improve customer service and give you unprecedented visibility of your supply chain, assets and operations. However, the boundless potential for IoT does not come without major IT challenges and considerations. With great power, comes great responsibility.

IT teams who are responsible for hundreds or thousands of connected devices and applications must look at IoT solutions with a scrutinizing eye as there are complexity, costs, and security implications to consider in today’s IoT landscape. In addition to this, if the connected applications happen to span across country borders, you can see how achieving the flexibility, scalability, security, and overall cost-effectiveness necessary would appear a daunting task.

Cradlepoint’s recent partnership with Vodafone, a leading global telecom company, has resulted in a new premiere enterprise solution for global organizations looking to implement an IoT strategy, without the headache. The joint offering eliminates the need to contract several different vendors and provides an all-in-one solution that can be deployed across 22 countries — making the leap from proof of concept to production quicker and easier.

The turnkey, cloud-managed solution will provide fast and secure WWAN connectivity to our customers and gives IoT businesses the ability to securely connect devices to their network, prioritize network traffic, control sensitive data, and run business applications. Better yet, it is offered under a single contract, logistics, and support model — addressing even the most challenging global IoT deployment and management requirements, through our joint distributor

This collaboration between Cradlepoint and Vodafone fast-tracks the time to market for business-critical applications and services across several verticals. Examples include manufacturing operations, retail omnichannel operations, freight monitoring and logistics in transportation, IoHT and telemedicine, remote asset security and smart ATMs in finance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning across all environments including smart utilities, smart transport and smart governments.

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