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Building ECF Funding Justification for School Bus Wi-Fi

September 21, 2021

10am PST

Event Description

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the resiliency and flexibility of students and educators alike. It also exposed a homework gap that poses significant barriers to education opportunity. According to the FCC, one in three households lack broadband access, and a recent study estimated nearly 17 million students lack Internet access to complete their school assignments. School districts have been turning to Wi-Fi on school buses as a solution — even as students return to the classroom.

For a student who spends at least 20 minutes on the bus daily — that’s 120 hours per year — on-board Internet access extends and enhances their learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Now with $7.1 billion available to schools and libraries through the federal Emergency Connectivity Fund, districts have a unique opportunity to invest in school bus Wi-Fi solutions and safeguard their students’ learning today and for the future. Join Ben Moebes, public sector regional director at Cradlepoint, and Bob Richter, president of E-Rate Provider Services, during this virtual event for a practical discussion and a timely opportunity to have your specific questions answered.

Attendees will learn:

  • What the Emergency Connectivity Fund is and how it differs from E-Rate
  • Who is eligible to apply and application terms
  • How Cradlepoint solutions power school bus connectivity, exploring multiple use cases for students, teachers, and administrators
  • Why you need to take action now, including appropriate next steps
Ben Moebes

Public Sector Regional Director, Cradlepoint

Robert Richter

President, E-Rate Provider Services