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How to Unleash the Potential of Private Cellular Networking

November 23, 2021

7:00 a.m. PT

Event Description

Join us in discussion, with guest speakers from Ericsson and Cradlepoint, on how Private cellular networks (PCNs) have come a long way in the last decade and are set to become increasingly crucial for business IoT operations over the next few years. 

PCNs will take the growing need for cellular IoT in business operations to another level, in the process considerably enhancing the IoT offer and improving the market competitiveness of their enterprise users. 

This webinar examines some of these key issues: 

  • How to align private networking with the key business interests of the enterprise?
  • Which on-site operations should be covered by the PCN?
  • What level of ROI can be expected, and in what timeframe?
  • Moving from 4G to 5G – what are the implications? Including SIM and device management, roaming
  • And much more

This unique webinar will provide answers to assist enterprise IoT users meet their business objectives. To accompany this webinar, download the free detailed 100+ page report 4G/5G Private Networking: New Choices for IoT Deployment.

Speaking sessions
Michael Dickens, Global Sales Engineer, Cradlepoint

Michael has brought Cradlepoint from a consumer-based applications company to full robust enterprise solutions over his eight-year tenure. Previously, he worked on DoD networks, ISPs, and data center management.

Magnus Kristersson, Product Manager for Private 5G, Ericsson

Magnus is Product Manager for Ericsson Private 5G. Ericsson Private 5G delivers an integrated 4G/5G private network in small appliance formfactor managed from a cloud-based management system.

Sebastian Elmgren, Head of Business Development and Product Marketing, Ericsson

Sebastian is portfolio manager for smart manufacturing and leads Ericsson’s manufacturing vertical for dedicated 5G networks.

Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research

Founder and CEO of Beecham Research, Robin is a highly experienced IoT market analyst and consultant with a background of senior management in high tech manufacturing industry.