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Lessons for Canada from Global 5G Deployments

January 25, 2022

2 p.m. ET | 40 mins

Event Description

For many organizations and businesses, the impact of 5G technology is still unknown. The rollout of 5G infrastructure is positioning businesses on the edge of great transformation, but what will 5G actually do for business? Fiber-fast, low-latency connections through highly flexible solutions will better support existing devices and technologies while also enabling a host of emerging data-intensive applications across every industry.

In this upcoming webinar, join Lindsay Notwell and Roger Billings of Cradlepoint as they discuss the significance of 5G technology on businesses today. Also, Pierre Boucher of ENCQOR Innovation will present the state-of-the-art 5G development platform that may be available to your organization today for prototyping and testing new product and services.

This Webinar Will Explore:

  • Global trends of 5G technology and how to optimize LTE and 5G for business
  • How existing WWAN applications are evolving to create new applications and immersive technologies in various industries
  • Testing 5G today — Gain access to ENCQOR 5G Digital Innovation Hubs
Lindsay Notwell

SVP, 5G Strategy & Global Carrier Operations, Cradlepoint

Roger Billings

Sales Engineering Leader, 5G Strategy & Global Carrier Ops, Cradlepoint

Pierre Boucher

General Manager, ENCQOR Innovation