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Private Cellular Networks (PCN) in Manufacturing & Logistics

June 29, 2021


Event Description

In industries such as manufacturing and logistics, where the flexibility of wireless connectivity for both wide-area networks (WAN) and local-area networks (LAN) is critical, Private Cellular Networks (PCN) have emerged as an excellent alternative to Wi-Fi, which lacks sufficient performance, security, and scalability.

PCNs, which include both Private LTE and Private 5G deployments, are helping organisations with large, sprawling and even remote locations that require a high-performance network with less equipment than Wi-Fi and lower network costs than public 4G LTE.

In this webinar, join Roger Jones as he discusses the many benefits and use cases of PCN for the manufacturing and logistics industries, what the key requirements are and industry trends, the technology available to implement now and spectrum allocation, and how to plan for these types of deployments.

Roger Jones,

Cradlepoint Solutions Architect