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5G and the Connected Vehicle with Axon and Cradlepoint

June 22, 2021

On Demand

Event Description

Frontline responders are now connected in more ways than ever before, which has enormous benefits for safety and transparency. Agencies can use features like live maps, alerts, and live streaming to transform their Axon devices from passive recording devices to essential communication tools that help keep everyone safe and informed. The arrival of 5G means agencies can see and act on this real-time information faster and more efficiently. Cradlepoint provides the necessary connection to the cellular network to aid and enable these technologies for agencies.

In this virtual event join Nick Bruckner, Lexipol EVP, along with James Weaver, Director of Product Marketing, Cradlepoint, Blake Bullock, Director of Fleet Product Line and Will Egner, Senior Director of Wireless Strategy & Technology, Axon as they discuss the demand for technology to provide greater insight, access, and visibility to ensure the safety of our officers in the field.

Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • How a connected vehicle investment can help solve crimes and keep officers and the community safe.
  • Providing real-time awareness with the integration of Cradlepoint and Axon.
  • What you need to know about 5G technology.
  • How a connected vehicle investment saves lives and provides responsibility.


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Webinar in partnership with Lexipol 

Dr. Will Egner, Senior Director of Wireless Strategy & Technology, Axon
Blake Bullock, Director Fleet 3 Products, Axon
James Weaver, Director of Product Marketing, Cradlepoint
Nick Bruckner, Corp. Vice President Of Sales, Lexipol

Discussion Moderator