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Webinar: How Enterprises & Agencies Can ensure IoT Security

September 10, 2019

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Event Description

As if network security wasn’t already difficult enough, the ongoing wave of IoT deployments has introduced a new onslaught of challenges.

With everyone from network administrators to nontechnical marketing professionals implementing devices and applications at a rapid rate — and in far-flung locations — protecting data is more difficult than ever before. Further, with IoT device guidelines still being formed, managing risk requires new levels of vigilance.

Join this webinar as Cradlepoint’s Todd Kelly and Dr. Chase Cunningham, a noted cybersecurity leader, explore best practices for IoT security. Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • IT-approved tools for enterprise-class connectivity
  • Zero trust security measures
  • The importance of visibility into and control of IoT devices
  • Meeting PCI, HIPAA, and other guidelines even amid the IoT revolution
  • Challenges of in-vehicle IoT
Todd Kelly, Cradlepoint
Dr. Chase Cunningham, Noted Cybersecurity Leader