Intelligent Bonding for Better Application Resiliency and Performance

You know what we hear a lot? “We can’t afford for this application to stop working. Can’t happen.” Cradlepoint’s suite of intelligent link bonding features enables enterprises to build application resiliency and bandwidth efficiency. But how? By combining multiple WAN connections into a single, virtual connection — creating flexibility to manipulate traffic in different ways.

Use SD-WAN intelligent bonding features to improve WAN resiliency and bandwidth efficiency

Ideal situations for intelligent WAN bonding

Mission-critical communication in vehicles

In vehicles, IT teams use dual-modem routers, multiple cellular and/or satellite providers, and Cradlepoint flow duplication to ensure mission-critical data always successfully flows from any point A to any point B. Also, Cradlepoint bandwidth aggregation provides a large enough pipe for video streaming during emergencies.

WAN control and cost-effectiveness in fixed locations

In fixed locations such as stores and offices where dozens of applications and devices are connected, using hybrid WAN routers with multiple connection links and SD-WAN features gives IT teams fine-grain control. They can easily set policies in NetCloud Manager that give certain application traffic priority to go through a bonded pipe, while minimizing metered data plan usage through flow balancing. Cradlepoint bandwidth aggregation provides a large enough pipe for any bandwidth-intensive application that branch workers rely on.

Mission-critical communication through emergency kits

Emergency response teams can use ruggedized kits to stand up connectivity anywhere — leveraging routers with SD-WAN technology that can bond multiple WAN links​ together. Why? Mission-critical communications benefit from the application resiliency provided by Cradlepoint flow duplication, and Cradlepoint bandwidth aggregation makes it possible to support a large number of devices connecting to the built-in Wi-Fi.

Cloud delivered vs. customer hosted? You decide.

You deserve to implement intelligent bonding via whichever model works best for your organization’s unique needs. Cradlepoint’s global cloud enables SD-WAN to be delivered as a service, as part of NetCloud SASE. You also can host it on premises through the NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway, a virtual solution that can be set up in data centers and virtual private clouds. 

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