Cradlepoint Grant Assistance Program

Funding for Today’s First Responder Technology Solutions

Agencies require up-to-date technology solutions to help serve their communities. The free Cradlepoint Grant Assistance Program can assist first responders to obtain these solutions by helping to pay for hardware, software, and IT services.

Once an agency applies for a grant, Cradlepoint and a staff of grant consultants will determine if the agency qualifies. Funding is not guaranteed for each applicant, but efforts will be made to research other grants that the agency might be eligible for.

Agencies that apply will receive assistance with the entire grant writing process from start to finish as well as feedback along the way, grant research, grant alert notices, and grant application reviews by a team of grant experts.

To get started, agencies should contact their local Cradlepoint representative, or more details can be found at the following links:


If an agency needs grant writing services, grant writing experts are available to complete the grant writing process for agencies with a 50 percent discount.