Cradlepoint Solutions for In-Vehicle Connectivity

Moving right along with the Internet

Whether it's mass transit WiFi, service fleet database access, or real-time connectivity for first responders, in-vehicle network solutions are changing how we live and how we do business.

From folks on buses, trains and planes, to organizations that deliver services to customers onsite, people today want and need Internet access while they’re on the move. With mobile Internet connections, commuters can work productively on the way to the office, service providers can save time by handling data input and billing onsite, and leisure travelers can enjoy sitting back and streaming entertainment anywhere.

In-Vehicle Solutions

Challenge: Expectation of Connectivity Everywhere

Internet users today expect to be able to connect wherever they are, including on the way from one place to another, or when they’re working away from the office.

Online onsite: The need to connect multiple laptops and other devices onsite

Mobile office: The need to prepare and print documents like invoices on the spot

Courtesy WiFi: The desire to offer Internet access as a perk to passengers

Mission-critical connectivity: The need for public servants to stay connected to offer better service to their communities.

Solution: Cradlepoint in-vehicle networks and mobile solutions

Cradlepoint solutions go anywhere that people want or need Internet connectivity. They’re cost-effective, highly-reliable, ruggedized solutions that are both easy to deploy and easy to manage.

Benefits: An easy, reliable way to receive enterprise connectivity on the road and challenging environments

Cradlepoint WWAN technology using 3G/4G/LTE makes it easy for organizations to enable reliable Internet access for employees and customers.

Off-the-shelf simplicity: Cradlepoint offers an easy, all-in-one approach to setting up Internet connectivity where wired or WiFi connections aren’t available.

Multiple-network interoperability: Cradlepoint offers in-vehicle networking that works with virtually all of the wireless carriers in the markets we serve.

Cloud-managed fleets: Cradlepoint offers best-in-breed applications and "one-to-many" management for fleets through Enterprise Cloud Manager. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of your fleet network with this cutting-edge network management and application platform.

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