Wireless edge solutions for federal agencies keep essential services running at home and abroad

Citizens depend on the federal government for agile action and consistent services — and the government depends on wireless edge solutions for federal provided by Cradlepoint. From military bases and disaster response to offices and remote work, U.S. agencies need highly secure and reliable access to mission-critical information and applications. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless edge routers and adapters unlock the power of LTE and 5G to extend network access anywhere.


Provide a network that won’t quit

If your dedicated military or government personnel won’t give up, why should their network? Rely on advanced LTE technology and nationwide public safety networks that ensure the best possible connection at all times.


Get network access quickly

Whether for pop-up response, vehicle connectivity, back-up WAN connections in offices, or widespread IoT, Cradlepoint’s multi-carrier, Wi-Fi-enabled LTE routers and adapters connect essential technologies in any networking scenario.


Protect info through a single platform

With national security at stake, agencies rely on secure Cradlepoint solutions that support segmentation, VPNs, and content filtering, and that are FIPS 140-3 Level 1 Implementation Under Test and CJIS-conformant.


Find partners with all the right contracts

From the General Services Administration (GSA) to many other purchasing contracts, Cradlepoint’s partners hold the tools you need to push technology projects to the finish line.


Stand up to the elements

With the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, shocks, vibrations, dust, and water splash, Cradlepoint’s MIL-STD-compliant routers are designed for the rigors of mission-critical work in any climate.


Manage efficiently with centralized control

Enjoy point-and-click, centralized network management through a cloud portal with multifactor authentication, knowing that your data is encrypted and stored in Amazon Web Services’ FedRAMP-certified infrastructure.

Wireless WAN provides essential flexibility for federal agencies

  • Smart bases
  • Short-term offices
  • Executive communication kits
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Military and fleet vehicles
  • Mobile command centers
  • Remote work from anywhere
  • Sensors

Manage more with fewer resources

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager provides the secure, centralized network management you need to maximize your lean IT teams impact on broadly distributed routers. Monitor uptime, security events, and cellular health and usage through engaging dashboards. It’s cloud control that even the federal government can trust.


Purpose-built routers for the full scope of federal services

Consumer-grade edge solutions simply aren’t good enough for important government work. Cradlepoint’s enteprise-grade wireless edge routers feature best-in-class LTE powered by software-defined modem technology — with a Pathway to 5G — and ensure highly reliable, flexible network access for federal offices, vehicles, IoT, and even remote work. These all-in-one endpoints support multiple WAN types and Wi-Fi for a robust connectivity experience.


Everything you need — from contracts to security

Cradlepoint has not only industry-leading wireless edge networking solutions for federal, but a distinguished record of helping federal agencies establish flexible connectivity in buildings and vehicles, for IoT, and more. We have the contract tools and certifications you need to complete your most important and time-sensitive projects.


Understanding FedRAMP

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides one set of standards for all government agencies that cloud providers must meet to be considered for deployment within the U.S. federal government. Learn more about FedRAMP and Cradlepoint’s commitment to the protection of federal data.

Explore FedRAMP

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