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Ericsson logo usage

The Ericsson logotype comes in three versions: the full lockup (Econ + wordmark), both vertical and horizontal versions, and the “Econ.”

Vertical lockup

The full lockup is our most recognizable brand asset and the preferred lockup as it gives more prominence to the Econ than the horizontal lockup.

Horizontal lockup

Use the horizontal lockup in contexts where a limitation of space prevents the use of the vertical lockup.


The simplest expression of the Ericsson brand. Use only when the full company context has been previously established by the formal lockups.

Minimum clear space

The recommended clearance area is equal to the height of the Econ in all directions.



Black and white are the only color variations allowed for the logo.


Minimum size

  • Vertical logo — The minimum height of the vertical logo is 15mm in print and 34px in digital.
  • Horizontal logo — The minimum height of the horizontal logo is 5mm in print and 16px in digital.
  • Econ — The minimum height of the Econ is 5mm in print and 16px in digital environments.

Download Ericsson logos

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Vertical lockup


Horizontal lockup



Basic dos and don’ts


There are two product brands under the master brand of Ericsson for the Enterprise Wireless business area:

  1. Ericsson Cradlepoint
  2. Ericsson NetCloud

Note: There will not be a unique logo for either of these products; Ericsson does not use logotypes for offerings, products, teams, divisions, or specific events.



Instead of a separate logo or unique brand lockup, use of “an identifier” is permitted. An identifier combines the name of the offering, product, team, division, or specific event in the Ericsson Hilda font along with the Ericsson Econ, as illustrated below.

Example identifiers:

Identifier guidelines:

Vertical orientation

  • Text lockup in Hilda should ideally be twice the width of the Econ.
  • Logo lockup may also be centered or right aligned if used center or right aligned on any application.
  • The padding between the icon and the text lockup should be 1/3 the height of the Econ.


Horizontal orientation

  • An horizontal lockup is used when the name and logo are to be placed in top bars and other places where vertical space is limited.
  • The padding between the icon and the text lockup should be twice the height of the Econ.

Referencing Ericsson Enterprise Wireless

Our business area designation Ericsson Enterprise Wireless is not a brand and does not have a unique logo.

  • When using “Enterprise Wireless” with the Ericsson logo, an ample amount of separation must appear between the two elements to avoid looking like a logo treatment.
  • Enterprise Wireless maybe used as a truncation when the full context has preceded the shortened version (logo or “Ericsson Enterprise Wireless”).
  • Please do not use acronyms for the business area designation.

For assistance on how to use the Ericsson lockup with any subtext, please seek guidance from the brand team.


When creating co-marketing assets, the key question to ask is who takes lead of the activity.

01. Ericsson leads

When Ericsson takes lead, it’s primarily Ericsson’s channels that are used, our stakeholders that are being targeted and the assets are therefore in line with the Ericsson corporate branding and identity.

Checklist for using the Ericsson logotype:

  • The visual hierarchy should have the Ericsson logo read first and partner logo second.
  • The Ericsson logo should follow the Ericsson logo guidelines and preferably placed after main messages.
  • The primary lockup is the default option to be used for the majority of partnerships. When suitable the logo can also be done in a horizontal lockup or with a text version replacing the partner logo.
  • The secondary orientation is only used in exceptional cases when the partnership is deemed of strategic importance.


Byline options

The byline can be adapted to the partnership and co-branding activity in question. For example, the following bylines could be relevant:

  • In partnership with
  • Powered by
  • In collaboration with
  • Based on
  • Lead technology partner

To get the correct size of the byline, type “Ericsson” and scale to fit within the Econ. Always center align.

02. Partner leads

When the partner takes lead, Ericsson can put restrictions on how our brand is exposed, but ultimately it’s the other party who’s in charge of deciding the layout, the channels used and who to target.

Checklist for using the Ericsson logotype:

  • Whenever possible use our vertical logotype with Ericsson wordmark.
  • Always make sure that our logotype is given enough clear space. The logos should be clearly separated.
  • Always make sure that the correct logotype is used given color background etc, per the logo guidelines.

03. Mutual lead

When Ericsson and the partner take mutual lead, it’s a balanced effort to develop and activate the assets.

Checklist for brand elements:

  • Respective logo should be used with equal prominence, size (same visual weight, as the aspect ratio may be different) and position (preferably shown side by side).
  • The logos should be clearly separated.
  • Typefaces, colors and other brand identity carriers should be neutral. For example, Arial can be used as typeface as it’s an universally available typeface that carries little or none brand association.
  • When using photos, graphs, or other graphical elements from respective brand, the sender should be stated clearly as a byline.
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