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Logo placement

When creating shirts or other swag for sales or industry events or for team purposes, it’s important to retain ample separation between the Ericsson logo and any type to avoid looking like a logo treatment.

Recommended placement for text is on a sleeve, the back of the shirt, or opposite side of the swag as the logo placement, illustrated in the examples below.

Logo usage

Please use the Ericsson logo guide with strict attention paid to the logo clear space.



For inclusion of text paired with the Ericsson logo such as a business area name, department name, or event name, please typeset the name in Ericsson Hilda.

Font don’ts

  • Do not right align type — left alignment is preferred.
  • Do not use grayscale text.
  • Do not color text.
  • Do not use italics or all uppercase text.



Preferred swag or shirt colors are Ericsson Blue, black, or white. The Ericsson logo and Hilda text must be in black or white only with ample contrast from the background.

Color don’ts

  • Do not use colors outside of the Ericsson color palette.
  • Do not color text.
  • Do not make gradations with the palette.

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Last Update
June 14th, 2024

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