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How-to instructions

Use the Ericsson Signature Tool to create your Ericsson signature. To fill out the tool:

  • Enter your name and title
  • Choose organizational unit:
    • Marketing & Communications:
    • Business Operations & Transformation
    • Finance & Commercial Management
    • Private Cellular Networks
    • Sales, Go-To-Market & Support
    • WWAN & Security
    • Legal
  • For MA/BA/GF, put Enterprise Wireless Solutions
  • Add any preferable phone numbers starting with country code (e.g., +1)
  • For address, use “Remote” if you work remotely, or use your office address

Confirm your information and click “Download Signature”. In Outlook, start a new email, click Insert > Signature > then Signatures. Select your signum in the “New Messages” and “Replies/Forwards” dropdown. Click OK.

Email signature example

Kelly Hendricks
Creative & Brand Director

Marketing & Communications
Enterprise Wireless Solutions
Phone: +1-208-987-6543

Boise, ID
United States

Additional guidance

Logo representation

Please do not use any other Ericsson lockup than what is provided in the example above, per Ericsson brand guides.


Required fonts

Ericsson Hilda is the primary Ericsson font and is standard on Ericsson laptops.

Additionally, download Ericsson Hilda here.


Arial is the default fallback typeface for platforms and devices Hilda is unavailable.

Last Update
June 13th, 2024

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