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Version 1.0.1

Ericsson Hilda

Ericsson Hilda is the Ericsson bespoke typeface, subtly anchored in our company’s roots and tailored to the needs of the digital world. Optimized for our GUI environments, Ericsson Hilda puts functionality and clarity at the forefront. By expressing technical expertise and ease of use, Ericsson Hilda builds trust through product interactions, digital semantics and behavior.

Ericsson Hilda is a versatile brand asset — modern, humanist typeface crafted for technical functionality and screen proficiency, yet timeless and friendly.


There are cases when usage of Ericsson Hilda isn’t possible. For languages not yet supported by Ericsson Hilda and for platforms and devices where it is unavailable, a fallback typeface should be used.

Last Update
April 16th, 2024

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