Skokie Public Library Bookmobile

Skokie Library Bookmobile Upgrades to LTE Connectivity to Better Serve Community


The Skokie Public Library Bookmobile is a mobile library vehicle that has several scheduled stops around Skokie, Illinois and serves residents of all ages by offering library checkout, requests, reservations, and returns. The Skokie Bookmobile upgraded to Cradlepoint NetCloud for mobile, including routing, a WiFi access point, content filtering, GPS and telematics integration, WiFi-as-WAN, and cloud configuration and troubleshooting, all delivered via an in-vehicle LTE router with 24x7 support and a limited lifetime warranty. It now has stable, reliable, and highly available network connectivity.


The Skokie Public Library Bookmobile is a mobile library that has been serving the Skokie, Illinois, community for over 60 years. The bookmobile brings books, DVDs, and more to specified locations throughout Skokie five days a week. Patrons can use their library card to check out and return items just as they would inside the library building. The bookmobile has 28 scheduled stops per week around the city to best serve the community.


Over the last several years, the Skokie Bookmobile program has improved its technology to make its mobile library services more efficient and effective. However, the WAN solutions that had been used prior to implementing Cradlepoint were unreliable, and the program was in great need of a technology refresh that would allow the bookmobile to more successfully serve the residents of Skokie.

“Before Cradlepoint, we sometimes had to write down a request, come back to the library, and process the request there. Now we can immediately place reservations and search the Internet to look up what our customers need.”

—Gale Dunlap, Skokie Public Library Bookmobile Supervisor


The IT team at Skokie Public Library worked closely with a consultant to find the best connectivity solution possible for the bookmobile. The team chose NetCloud Service for mobile, which includes cloud management of purposebuilt in-vehicle routers featuring embedded LTE for its ease of use and reliability. The Cradlepoint’s in-vehicle routers are a compact, ruggedized LTE solution that is purpose-built for in-vehicle networking.


Saves time & resources

Upgrading to Cradlepoint’s fully integrated router enables Skokie Bookmobile to process check-outs and look up resources instantly and seamlessly — without having to exit the bookmobile.

“Customers don’t like to wait, and with Cradlepoint, we can do things very fast. The quicker we can move the customer base through, the better it is,” said Gale Dunlap, the bookmobile supervisor at Skokie Public Library.

Constant uptime

Since the installation of the NetCloud services, the IT team at Skokie Public Library hasn’t had to do anything extra to ensure constant connectivity.

“It used to be very frustrating for staff and patrons alike when it didn’t connect quickly. Sometimes there were 25 children waiting to check out, so when there was that lag time, it really affected our service. We were always apologizing. Now, everything operates very smoothly and we don’t even have to think about it. We’ve not had to reset it at all,” said Anna Caran, IT specialist.

Leading-edge technology

One of the main reasons why the team at Skokie chose Cradlepoint was because of its advanced, leading-edge network technology that is always one step ahead in the marketplace.

“The Cradlepoint simply looks like a quality product, and it has served us well during the time we have worked with it,” said Mark Kadzie, the IT manager at Skokie Public Library.