Smart Cities

Developing Smart Cities & Communities — Public Sector Efficiencies Utilizing 4G LTE Networking

“Smart City” is the term most commonly tied to the communities and regions that are using sensors, M2M technology, wireless connectivity, and data to heighten efficiencies, save taxpayer money, protect the environment, and better serve individuals and families. These communities are capitalizing on the ways in which innovation and collaboration can improve quality of life and economic well-being.

The ever-increasing prevalence of the Internet of Things in community operations is taking many Smart City ideas from dream to reality. Everyone wants his or her city to be a Smart City — but it’s only possible when organizations embrace technology and find the right-fit solution for their applications.

This white paper explores the current and potential benefits of wireless network technologies and the IoT to expand efficiencies and open up new possibilities for public sector organizations such as cities, counties, states, and federal government. It also takes a look at the network challenges facing these agencies, and offers solutions and best practices to mitigate these challenges.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • An overview of how 4G LTE network solutions are used for Smart Cities and communities
  • Challenges and solutions facing budget-aware agencies
  • Customer success stories
  • How to create greater efficiencies in the public sector