The freedom to securely connect your enterprise — anywhere.

Connect and protect your people, places, and things with 5G and LTE through Wireless WAN, private network, and cybersecurity solutions.

You have sites, vehicles, IoT, and remote workers — all requiring reliable, secure, and agile connectivity. Cradlepoint 5G and LTE Wireless WAN, private cellular network, and cybersecurity solutions enable the freedom to securely connect more experiences, new ways to work, and improved business results.

Your industry is changing fast. Here’s how Cradlepoint Wireless WAN, private cellular network, and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions are helping.


Improve the customer experience and operational efficiency with secure cellular-connected fixed and pop-up stores, warehouses, delivery vehicles, kiosks, digital signs, and beyond. Learn More


Connect and protect everything from the front of house to the back office, using Wireless WAN (WWAN) solutions to enable mobile POS, digital menu boards, ordering stations, sensors, delivery vehicles and food trucks, and more. Learn More


Support the evolution of how and where care is delivered by wirelessly connecting and securing clinics, hospitals, ambulances and screening vehicles, telemedicine, and beyond. Learn More

Financial Services

For everything from digital signs, kiosks, and surveillance cameras in banks to computers, printers, and more in financial service offices, cybersecurity and cellular WAN solutions provide reliable, agile, and secure network access. Learn More


Reliable multi-carrier connectivity in vehicles empowers organizations to rely on IoT data in long-haul trucks, POS and guest Wi-Fi in taxis, GPS, telematics, and secure application access in service vehicle and delivery trucks. Learn More

Public Safety

At critical times, the flexibility and reliability of secure mobile connectivity for vehicles and other applications helps public safety agencies protect communities and save lives. Learn more about: Police|Fire|EMS


Education trends such as school bus Wi-Fi, remote learning and teaching, and Private Cellular Networks for campuses are ushering in new reliance on wireless broadband solutions for school districts. Learn More

Public Transit

Technologies such as GPS and vehicle telemetry data, on-board cameras, digital POS, and passenger Wi-Fi are transforming public transit systems — with LTE and 5G connectivity enabling it all. Learn More

Federal Government

For wide-ranging situations including military bases, disaster response, offices, and remote work, wireless edge solutions for federal agencies keep essential services running at home and abroad. Learn More

Learn about the many other industries and use cases for WWAN and private cellular networks.

Around the world, we work with organizations that use Cradlepoint Wireless WAN and private network solutions for the freedom to connect anywhere.

Embrace Wireless WAN and private network solutions with unmatched agility and reach through Cradlepoint NetCloud.


Secure and reliable

Have the peace of mind that comes from reliable, high-performance connectivity through wireless solutions with integrated security. Thousands of enterprises count on cloud-managed routers and adapters for WWAN and private cellular networks every day.


Versatile and scalable

With the broadest range of use cases and solutions, Cradlepoint offers the flexibility to embrace new ways of doing business anywhere, and to always put your best network forward. We provide scalability suited to fast-moving business transformation.


Simple and sophisticated

Cellular broadband goes up immediately and with ease — especially with zero-touch deployment through Cradlepoint’s plug-and-play solutions. And with Cradlepoint NetCloud, real-time network visibility and control are at your fingertips.

Unlock the power of LTE and 5G with Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence in more places and ways — without conventional limitations.


Welcome the freedom of LTE and 5G solutions for hybrid WAN and failover in fixed, temporary, and pop-up locations — enabling any combination of Wired and Wireless WAN.

Learn more


Optimize mobile broadband and Wi-Fi across connected vehicle fleets of any size, enabling 24×7 access no matter the route.

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Use reliable, agile cellular  IoT connectivity to harness the vast potential of edge data with undelayed deployments and unfettered innovation.

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Remote Work

Equip remote employees with reliable dedicated connections through SOHO routers that the IT team can control from anywhere.

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The best way to explore Cradlepoint Wireless WAN and private network solutions is to try them.

Cradlepoint Cellular Intelligence sets our solutions apart — flexible and simple, with performance for any situation. But to fully grasp the value of WWAN and private cellular networks, you need to experience it firsthand. Let’s explore together.

Explore how Cradlepoint can help you unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular for your network.

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