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Our brand mission — create simple, consistent, and beautiful experiences

At Cradlepoint, we are all brand stewards. Creating a consistent experience not only distinguishes us from our competitors and builds a stronger brand, but helps us to build a relationship of trust with our audience when they know what to expect. We speak authentically to our audiences and communicate constantly changing technology with simplicity.

Together, let’s raise the bar and take that expectation even further with high-end design and continuous collaboration to develop an effective Cradlepoint story.

Our values


We hold each other accountable

We meet commitments with urgency

We build trust by delivering on our promises


We don’t point a finger, we lend a hand

We understand different perspectives

We start with trust, we assume good intentions and care for each other with grace


We have the passion to win

We are always in it for the long term

We accept and embrace change

Make a difference


We do the right thing when it’s hard

We take ownership and accountability

We make fact-based decisions

Our focus areas

Cooperation and collaboration

Lend a hand

Breakdown barriers – don’t allow silos

We are one team

Courageous and fact-based decisions

Be data-driven but iterate, avoiding “analysis paralysis”

Be a curious learner and ask questions

Have difficult, but respectful conversations

Executing speedily

Use good business judgment to make a decision without perfect information

Keep it simple and eliminate complexity and reduce time to value

Empower employees, and guide but don’t second guess

Be outcome-driven, not action-driven

A speak-up environment

Create a safe environment where we feel safe to ask questions and provide feedback

Dare to disagree

Be open to professional criticism (it’s okay to be wrong)

Empathy and humanness

Enjoy the ride by celebrating and appreciating

Treat others the way they want to be treated

Care for each other and enable work-life balance

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August 14th, 2023

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