Yanginanook Primary School Delivers Uninterrupted Education with Cradlepoint Wireless Network Solution


In today’s school environment where teachers and students need to simultaneously access the Internet during and outside of class hours, Yanginanook School’s ageing network that relied on an extremely slow ADSL1 connection was unsustainable. The small school faced daily challenges with its network, however, that all changed when Yanginanook deployed Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for branch. The service includes a cloud-managed router with integrated LTE providing reliable and agile connectivity that is easy to deploy and manage remotely.


Yanginanook School is a small K-6 primary school that was established in 1982. Located in Belrose, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the school has successfully educated students from Kindergarten to Year 6 over the last 35 years with remarkable results. The school’s innovative and challenging programs are based on the individual needs of each child so that they have the opportunity to excel.


Yanginanook School is located in a part of Belrose where there is no cabling or ADSL2 available, and the school has been relying on ADSL1 to access the Internet, which saw downloads as slow as 1.8mb/s. As the school has become increasingly reliant on technology, with school work requiring the use of resources such as YouTube clips, Mathletics software, and ABC Reading Eggs, students are required to access online education programs simultaneously. The ageing network hindered the school’s access to online resources, which often meant teachers who wanted to run their classes using online software programs had to change their plans because outages occurred frequently and routers had to be switched on and off again several times a day. 

“It was really limiting which activities we were able to do with the students and how the teachers were able to present their lesson content, we would never think of doing something like streaming a movie. The kids were struggling with all of the educational online programs we had them using. The issues were occurring daily, so we really needed to change something,” said Ann Russell, Principal, Yanginanook School.

Teachers were also forced to stay back at school or come in on the weekends in order to access files located on the school server, which they need to do for student assessment and lesson planning. 

In the wake of the annual National Assessment Program–Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) moving completely online, Russell went in search for a new solution to ensure Yanginanook School would be able to cope with the change. 


Cradlepoint replaced Yanginanook School’s ageing networking infrastructure with Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for branch for secure, flexible all-in-one networking, zero-touch configuration, real-time monitoring, and always-on network continuity.

Yanginanook also made use of Cradlepoint’s unique NetCloud Service to provide simple, always-on, secure remote access.



The school needed to ensure its students could simultaneously access online educational programs without any lag. Through the Cradlepoint solution, the school is now able to achieve download speeds of 30MB/s and access programs in real time. 

“We were able to do NAPLAN online, which we wouldn’t have been able to do in previous years. We’re now able to stream movies and access all the educational online programs that the students need to use at the same time as a whole school. We can now have one group of students on iPads using Typing Tournament, while another group is using Mathletics. The teachers are also now able to share programs through Google Docs and have those programs open at the same time, which would previously have caused the school to lose Internet connection,” said Russell.


Through Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Perimeter, a software-defined technology that creates a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), teachers are now able to remotely access files on their own virtual private network from home. Because NetCloud Perimiter creates a virtual VPN—teachers do not need to be concerned about network security. “It has made a huge difference. Before I could only access reporting from school, so I’d be here all weekend and for hours into the night, but now I can access all of that at home,” said Russell.


At one point, the school was considering piggybacking off a neighbouring school’s fibre optic cabling, however that would have cost upwards of $12,000. Cradlepoint offered to upgrade Yanginanook School’s network at a fraction of the cost, with immediate connection.


Following the initial installation work by Cradlepoint, Yanginanook School was introduced to Blue Wireless, which now provides the school with remote monitoring and management of the network.

“We don’t have any IT people here; it’s just me—but I haven’t had one day where internet has gone down, which is pretty significant. Our router is connected to Blue Wireless, so they’re keeping it on and going.” — Ann Russell, Yanginanook School Principal