Digital Consultancy Firm Delivers Uninterrupted Digital Signage Service Virtually Anywhere with Cradlepoint NetCloud Solutions


Entwined provides integrated digital signage solutions that enable businesses and the public sector to meaningfully engage and connect with their customers. Reliable network connectivity and remote management are key to Entwined’s solutions, which include digital screens, touch screens, kiosks and more. Winning a contract with gambling-led entertainment group, Tatts Group, prompted Entwined to look for new ways to ensure its digital signs and kiosks are always-on and able to be managed remotely. Entwined chose Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager, together with the AER1650 router and COR IBR650 modem. The company has now deployed 1000 Cradlepoint solutions across Tatts Group’s sites. 


Entwined is a medium-sized Brisbane-based digital consultancy company that specializes in digital signage solutions, audio-visual communications and GPS deployments for some of the largest companies in Australia, including Super Retail Group, Optus, Michael Hill Jeweler and Subway.


As part of its Tatts Group contract, Entwined is responsible for servicing the company’s lottery retailers across the country. Entwined also helped Tatts Group to deliver the newest experiences in onsite sports betting with the first ever UBET stores in Australia. Using giant video screens and integrating sports news feeds with content, and further combining stadium style seating with immersive sound canopies, all worked together to offer customers a new, innovative in-store experience.

Entwined Director Cameron Hanns said the company needs to ensure Tatts Group adheres to regulation that stipulates if a Tatts jackpot is won, retailers’ signs have to quickly reflect that change. This not only requires a reliable network, but also an unfailing SD-WAN management tool to cater for variables, such as the different time zones around Australia.


Following a three-month trial involving a handful of Tatts Group sites, Entwined went live in early 2016 with Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager, COR IBR650 modems and AER1650 routers. There are now 1000 Cradlepoint devices deployed across Tatts Groups’ sites. Hanns said the company plans to extend the Cradlepoint network in the next six months to another 200 Tatts Group sites.



Entwined has created its own support dashboard, which leverages Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager’s Application Program Interface (API) to monitor and manage network performance. This gives the Entwined and Tatts Group teams easy access to all the information they need to know about network performance—as well as the status of the digital media player, Appspace and panel—in one location.

At the same time, Entwined can easily manage the sheer volume of modems within the Tatts Group network.

“Utilizing the Cradlepoint API, we are able to package and integrate this with our own support dashboard and provide customers with a single platform to manage the network and monitor apps status details, digital media player status and panel status,” Hanns said. 


Entwined and Tatts Group also have access to a real-time snapshot of all deployed sites through NetCloud Manager. This information includes device I.D., device location, and the current and last status of the signal to help keep track of connectivity status and provide complete visibility across Tatts Group’s deployments. Hanns said the solution ultimately acts as a selfdiagnostic system, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on troubleshooting.

“We’re now able to be proactive with our product and service offerings rather than being reactive. NetCloud Manager makes discovery of network issues and recovery much faster and easier to manage. It allows us to pull specific site data, meaning we can monitor and maintain countless sites seamlessly and act quickly on any issues,” he said.