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Tour Dubai needed an enhanced solution for providing WiFi onboard their fleet of Dhow cruise ships and in their luxury desert restaurant. The main aim was to improve customer experience and to strengthen direct, online marketing through enabled WiFi. To achieve this, they needed a solution that offered reliable, scalable, and secure mobile Internet access to capture customer data when guests accessed the network. Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for mobile paired with Zscaler security provided Tour Dubai with a networking solution that has strengthened their online marketing and contributed to a measurable increase in revenue.

The NetCloud Service includes routing, a WiFi access point, GPS and telematics integration, WiFi-as-WAN, and cloud configuration and troubleshooting, all delivered via an in-vehicle LTE router.


Tour Dubai, a well-established and innovative operator of luxury “Dhow” traditional Arabian vessel cruise services and desert tours, offers exclusive access to private charters. Over 25 years of experience in the tourism industry has equipped Tour Dubai with a customer-centric ethos that has led to a very successful business in the United Arab Emirates. Providing for their customer’s every need is essential, and this includes offering high-speed WiFi on their fleet of boats and at their Desert Fortress. Tour Dubai’s seven ship fleet makes 48 trips in total per day, providing over 1000 satisfied customers with a high-quality tour of Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, and Abu Dhabi. Tour Dubai’s secluded 5-star restaurant, located in the Dubai Heritage Vision desert, offers a peaceful retreat for esteemed guests.


Considering that 30-40 percent of Tour Dubai’s revenue comes from online bookings, Director, Anup Surendran, thought it would be advantageous to offer guests inclusive high-speed WiFi to strengthen their direct, online marketing. They needed a solution to provide reliable Internet access in the demanding conditions on board their cruises and in the desert. They also needed to securely capture customer data for use in their marketing. To meet these needs, the most effective solution would have to be cloud- managed, with secure, scalable and cost-effective data usage, and content filtering.


Cradlepoint NetCloud for mobile, including cloud management, a mobile router with embedded LTE, 24x7 support, and a limited lifetime warranty, and integrated with Zscaler Security, was the best solution for Tour Dubai. A flexible mobile service operator tariff meant that Tour Dubai could offer longer WiFi access at a cost-effective rate. Using integrated software for securely sharing customer data has expanded their marketing, increasing online bookings, and Tour Dubai’s website visibility. The safety and hardening features of the mobile routers is perfect for the rigorous environmental conditions on their river cruises and desert tours, especially the COR routers’ resistance to heat, water, dust, and sand. NetCloud Manager, Cradlepoint’s cloud-management service, allows their small office-based IT team to deploy and manage the whole mobile network remotely. Tour Dubai  initially purchased devices for a few of their cruise ships, and then invested in further units to on-board their entire fleet and their luxury desert restaurant.


Direct Marketing: Tour Dubai has been able to securely capture customer data to strengthen their direct online marketing. They have creatively utilized the large demand for guest WiFi to create sales opportunities. For example, they are now able to push online offers when guests access the customer portal and can email visitors for feedback after their stay. It is evident that Cradlepoint’s networking solution has given Tour Dubai the tools to build stronger relationships with their customers and to generate repeat business.

IT Manager, Shaista, has commented on Tour Dubai’s increased website visibility, “If people are using our WiFi, then they are visiting our website and can explore more of our tour services and restaurant offers. When they go to book a cruise they can also book dinner, or an activity, increasing business across our operations.”

Reliability: Cradlepoint’s networking solution has been deployed successfully throughout Tour Dubai’s entire fleet and in its desert restaurant. The super-tough mobile devices are purpose-built to function in the demanding terrain of the desert and wet conditions on-board their river cruises. With up to 48 trips per day, Tour Dubai provides 1000-3000 high-speed WiFi connections a month. With dual-SIM connectivity, the network is able to automatically switch over when signals are weak. Efficient data handling means that customers experience a high-quality WiFi connection without interruption. Tour Dubai also use their mobile network for Point-of-Sale applications and appreciate that it is essential to have 99.99% uptime for their network to be operational.

IT Manager, Shaista, said about the solution’s success, “As of now, it’s been six months, and it is working without fault. We expect to generate more business from the popular usage of our high-speed WiFi for customers.”

Ease of Use & Deployment: NetCloud Manager made the deployment so easy that it took only 30-minutes to get each router added to the network. Every device across several locations and on the move can be remotely managed and maintained with software updates.

Anup Surendran, Tour Dubai’s Director, has commented on the solution’s ease of use, “The employees at Tour Dubai like it because it makes small tasks quick, that would be hard if they were managed remotely, quite easy.”

Shaista, the IT Manager, also commented on the deployment, “The deployment was easy, because the software interface is well designed and we also had someone there to help us out, we didn’t have to do anything.”

Cost Savings: This networking solution has been used to scale back data-usage and implement content filtering, to provide a cost-effective solution that adds to the luxury of Tour Dubai’s cruises and dining experience. This scaling is done without impacting usage and has enabled Tour Dubai to provide 12 hours of WiFi per day for customers at an estimated 10GB a month, when before they were only providing two hours per day at 20GB per month. Through Cradlepoint they have been able to offer more WiFi and at a lower cost.

Anup Surendran, the Director said, “We are very happy that we can offer WiFi to our customers for longer — and at a better price.”

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