Cloud Network Management

#Conquering the Cloud: Secure Remote Network Management for the Distributed Enterprise# ###On-Demand Webinar### Are you in a fog sifting through information on cloud management? Do you need a network solution that gives you one-to-many remote management for distributed locations? Watch this webinar on secure remote cloud management for distributed enterprises. Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage secure networks at geographically distributed stores, branch locations, and on the road with Cradlepoint's NetCloud Manager. This innovative cloud platform is the next generation management and application platform that helps you improve productivity, increase security and network reliability, and reduce costs; all while enhancing the intelligence of your network and business operations. ###Attendees will learn how to:### * Set up and configure groups of devices for "zero-touch" installation and continuous remote management * Easily upgrade firmware on multiple routers at once * Troubleshoot their network, limit truck rolls, and reduce downtime * Perform remote diagnostics - status reports, error logs, and alerts * Secure your network through an IPS