K-12 Mobile Networks

Networks for School Buses, Bookmobiles & Library Kiosks

Today’s libraries and schools often need a network that reaches beyond the confines of the campus, but wired Internet can’t go where students and library patrons sometimes need connectivity the most. Increasingly, instruction and homework rely on Internet access, which can presents challenges to students who deal with long commute times. Adding mobile connectivity to a bus can help commuting students access tools they need to do their homework or even watch videos of lectures from the road.

Libraries, too, need Internet access on the road to take their services and resources to community members who can’t easily visit a library branch. To address this issue, traveling libraries bring books, computers, and Internet access to underserved populations with mobile libraries, also known as “bookmobiles.”

This white paper explores the challenges to deploying a mobile connectivity solution and offers guidance on choosing a network solution that balances the need for agile, secure, high-performance connectivity with the time and budget constraints of the IT department.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • The change drivers for "mobility" in education
  • Challenges and solutions for mobile connectivity
  • Consideration for mobile network solutions
  • The benefits of utilizing 4G LTE mobile networks